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Pan Seared Sirloin w/ Bourbon Reduction

Nothing like a nice hearty steak that melts in our mouth! This is a little healthier version because you still get your greens on he plate! Let me tell ya' you won't be able to put the fork down..... the goods: 1 pound of your favorite cut olive oil butter salt pepper balsamic vinegar arugula corn microgreens or mixed greens honey bourbon the lowdown: Make sure to take out the steak from the fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking so that it may cook evenly when it hits the pan. Preheat your cast iron or pan on high. Take out any moisture from the steaks wiith a paper towel on both sides. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt and pepper on both sides of the steak and pat down so it grasps the

Tuna Croquette

The first time you'll make this it will blow your mind! Not only is it pretty easy to make but tastes like a restaurant quality dish (and I'm not talking about mcdonalds)! This recipe calls for 2 servings but if you don't want to share then I COMPLETELY understand! You can play around with the amount of savory or spicy to your liking but I found this to be the perfect balance. Smacznego :) the goods: 2- 5.5 oz cans or pouches of tuna 3 cups of panko or favorite bread crumbs 2 beaten eggs 2 tbl of dijon honey mustard 1 lemon 1 small diced yellow onion 1 minced jalepeno 1 tbl of dried oregeno 1 tbl of fresh chives 2 tbl of mayonnaise 1 tbl of sriracha 1 tbl of honey or agave 3 tbl of coconut o

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