Drop everything that you are doing, get your keys and head to your nearest Whole Foods!!! Why? Because of these bad boys in the picture. Not only is Hail Merry all gluten free and dairy free but they are all non-GMO and contain healthy fats while using coconut oil! At only 5 grams of sugar for 2 macaroons it is the perfect serving size for on the go or for sharing. But who would want to do that?! Did I mention that their is no added sugar to any of the products made by Hail Merry? Instead they either use organic maple syrup, coconut sugar or agave depending on the type of flavor you choose. Lastly it will be heard to make a key decision since they offer 7 different flavors of macaroons and 7 different tart flavors! Best part....they are all amazing! If you have a sweet tooth but when a decandent dessrt withut all the crap, then go for this all natural non-GMO snack and stock up.

P.S Great stocking stuffer for the holidays :)

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