Winter Cold Brew

I know what you're thinking "why would I want to drink something cold when the temperature outside is freezing"? Because it tastes amazing and you can incorporate it into your smoothie or turn it into a popsicle! I recommend using a organic, locally roasted brand without any additives. The process itself is very easy and all you have to have is a grinder or blender, strainer or cheesecloth and a large enough vessel such as this Chemex pictured above. Grind up the coffee beans until the texture in fine and not too coarse. Place 1/2 cup of beans with 8-10 oz of filtered water. Place in fridge overnight or 12-24 hours depending how strong you like your coffee. Pour the chilled coffee through a strainer and into another glass and voila! You have now made cold brew coffee! This process allows a much smoother cup and a floral finish without the bitterness that you get in a traditional cup. This is a cup that you can enjoy without the sugar or milk and add it to any smoothie. Best part is that it's 0 calories and still contains that nice kick of caffeine to jump start your day!

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