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The key to cooking a well balanced and nutritious meal every day of the week is....A loaded pantry! Having a number of different ingredients ready on hand is the best way of completing a meal in minutes! I always look at the back label such as this Middle Eastern blend that consists of anti-inflammatory agents along with boosting your immune system. This particular blend has warm spices that include cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and turmeric. Cinnamon has been shown to be great for blood sugar levels, while turmeric and ginger are great for digestion and improving your overall mobility since they are both anti-inflammatory. Not only will your entire house be fragrant but your meal will also be delicious! Adding spices to chicken, beef, salads, tofu and soup brighten up the dish and introduce a whole new level of umami. Now spices do go bad after awhile, so unless you have a restaurant or feed a family of 12, try to buy the smaller jars instead of the much larger since they lose flavor and benefits that longer the stay in the cabinet. So get in your pantry and start cooking any of my receipes below!

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