Post holiday snack

I think we are all in recovery mode after last week's Thanksgiving day feast!!! As always I try to save myself for the 3 major AYCE holidays in America; Thanksgiving, Christmas, Superbowl! New Year's Eve falls under the "last time I'll eat this" resolution category :))

I always try to advocate for organic and non-GMO choices when you have them available to you. The less processed the item is the better it is for your health and your wallet! Organic and natural do not have to be expensive. Sometimes they are actually cheaper than the processed foods that we are exposed to at the supermarket! Just make the right choices! A lot of the popcorn on the market today is mass produced and made with GMO corn and other artificial ingredients and loaded with sodium and fat! Well I found the solution for healthy popcorn and you can devour without feeling guilty! It's called Spiced & Infused Gourmet Popcorn. Comes in 4 different flavors including Bombay Seasoning, French Herb, Chipotle Taco and Asian BBQ. All the flavors are very unique and flavorful in their own way. No artificial ingredients, sugar or cheap fillers. It's also naturally gluten free and vegan since they use safflower oil instead of butter. I saved the best for last! It also contains 4 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiver per serving with only 140 calories as well! So not only does it taste amazing but it fills you up nutritionally as well! Now that is a snack you can have and keeping it for 2017!

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