Superfood AM Routine

Are you one of those people that absolutely hate having to make breakfast right before work? Do you dread having to spend an extra 15 minutes while preparing breakfast, coffee or tea? Afterwards you either spill the hot coffee, eat cold eggs or forget to eat all together! Then you have to spend money on some artificial candy bar or potato chips that offer ZERO nutritional value and will make you hungry again in less time than it takes me to write this! My secret....Amazing Grass! It's filled with 20 grams of plant based protein and 6 grams of fiber per scoop. Comes in peanut butter (my fav), original and vanilla. It isn't chalky and doesn't have a strong earthy flavor like other plant based protein shakes. Literally takes me 1 minute to make and another minute to chug lol....All in all it fills you up till lunch time because of the high protein and fiber levels. I just mix mine with water but you can do any type of milk and toss in a banaana if you have extra time! For a snack I go with the green superfood bars. This is the perfect on the go meal replacement or in between meals depending on which bar you choose. My favorite one is of course the almond butter! Not only is Amazing Grass all non-GMO, organic, gluten, dairy and soy free but it tastes great as well! I'm sure you can spare 2 minutes of your morning routine for somthing nutritions and delicious :)

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