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How to survive Natural Expo West: Part 1

I just came back from Anaheim, California where the largest natural products expo takes place! With well over 3500 vendors and close to 90,000 visitors during the 4 day period. To say that this expo is massive would be an understatement to all parties involved. This is my second straight year to Expo West and second time overall and I'm officially addicted. So much to see, eat, drink, walk, learn and write that it is truly overwhelming. When I try to describe to people the magnitude of just how large this event is, I cannot. You truly have to experience this in person to understand everything that I'm about to tell you and try to describe to the best of my ability.

First, you must make sure to divide the days accordingly. The first 2 days are where some of the newest/hottest products take center stage at the Hilton and Marriott ballrooms. Yes this isn't even the main exhibitors hall yet but instead the hotels that are alongside the Anaheim convention center. The main exhibit opens the following day. It has gotten so big that they have added a separate tent area to have even more exhibitors join the party. It's fun and exciting to see all of the new products that are coming out and the smaller brands that are trying to expand and gain larger brand awareness., All while focusing on the Organic and Non-GMO movement. From coffee to almond butter butter and even a charcoal elixir it is all for you to try. The samples do become like an unlimited buffet but healthy! Make sure to take plenty of breaks as their is a LOT of walking. I mean blisters on your feet after the 3rd day walking!

Now let's talk about what to do when the main exhibtion floor opens up.....Part 2....

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