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Gobble Gobble Cook Me Right!

These tips will ensure that your turkey will be treated like royalty and be the best tasting on the block! Because we all know a turkey that's way too dry is almost inedible and cannot be saved. Unless we just drench it with gravy, butter and hot sauce then we'll have a condiment meal with turkey on the side.

Culinary Tip of the day: Was the turkey dry? If so, here are ways to keep the meat moist. 1. Don't overcook it. The internal temperature should be 165. Go get a meat thermometer, they are cheap. Don't go by that little plastic thing that pops out when "done". 2. Try putting the turkey in a brine overnight. The brine also adds lots of flavor. A brine is salty water that you soak the meat in. You can also play around and get creative with the bring by adding sugar, garlic cloves, oranges, peppercorns etc.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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