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Health Kick Continues: Caprese Salad

There is nothing more healthy than making yourself a salad. That is of course, if it's not overloaded with dressing, croutons and potato chips! Can you believe that a Mcdonalds salad has more calories than a Big Mac? Sad but true and many people don't know this fact because they ASSUME salads are all made equal! You have to read all the labels and make sure that what you're putting in your body is all clean and green. I made this variation of a caprese salad to add a little more flavor without having to add sugar, fat or heavy dressing over it. I used on the vine hot house tomatoes, basil, scratch made ricotta, balsamic reduction, seasoned salt. The best part is all of this is put together within 10 minutes including reducing of the balsamic into a silky syrup. You can change the tomatoes into cucumbers, basil into mint, ricotta in feta. Basically whatever you have in your house just USE IT and be your own boss in the kitvchen!

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