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Paleo Tacos...Need I say More?!

Yes you can still eat tacos and not have to feel as if you destroyed your entire diet! This is a protein, veggie and fiber filled taco that is not only filling but delicious too! Loaded with sweet, savory and spicy components that make this European/Hispanic food marriage a bliss! Check out my Instagram @polishphilcooks for recipe or come to one of my cooking classes for a private lesson!

Taco Tuesday has arrived 🌮 Per tradition I decided to add my Polish roots and make it the most delicious taco ever!! The best part is that it's all paleo thanks to @sietefoods 👍Ladies and gentlemen, The Polexican taco 🇵🇱🇲🇽

Smoked Polska kiełbasa | carrot horseradish puree | confit mushrooms | caramelized onions | lettuce | secret sauce | pecorino

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