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My recent recipe collaboration with Number 6 with Cheese!

During the last month I've recently partnered with Corey & Sean from Number 6 with Cheese! We had done a video in the past and decided to come together once again during the unique time. Covid-19 has all hit us hard in some way and brought on a new sense of reality, hopefully temporary, that we can all learn from. It has brought many people closer together while educating others at the same time. One thing for sure is that everyone has become a baker and sourdough expert during this last few months! I must admit that we've also played around with making many different breads, cookies and other desserts to add to my arsenal of baked goods! We decided to make a collaboration video so that everyone can learn a new recipe and acquire a skill in cooking both fried chicken and mac and cheese. To motivate others to not only try something different but also spending this time to cook at home with family. I had a blast doing our video while filing at 2 different locations but must admit that I do miss the in person experience and especially my cooking classes! Corey & Sean have a fantastic YouTube channel that is super entertaining, funny and all about food. Check out our videos and give Number 6 with Cheese a follow. Who knows, I might just make another guest appearance in the near future...TBD


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